Volunteer Opportunities this Holiday Season

Are you looking for ways to help the poor and homeless this holiday season? You can help SOME feed and care for those who are most in need by collecting food, warm clothing and festive shoebox gifts, and by participating in or volunteering at our 14th Annual Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger.

Register or Volunteer for the Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger
Participate in or volunteer at SOME’s 14th Annual Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger. The Trot raises awareness of hunger and poverty in our nation’s capital and benefits SOME’s food programs and other services. Trot volunteers assist with all aspects of the event, including registration, bag check and unloading SOME vehicles, and must be at least 16 years old.
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Organize a Food Drive
SOME relies on food donations to serve more than 400,000 meals to hungry men, women and children each year. Organizing a food drive in your office, school, faith community or other location is a wonderful way to help people in need during the holidays and throughout the year.
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Create Shoebox Gifts
Shoebox gifts are shoeboxes decorated for the holidays and brimming with gifts and essential items for homeless or poor children, women and men. We are particularly in need of shoebox gifts for men and women. Your gift boxes will be given out or delivered
over the holidays to all who come to SOME for meals and services and to those who are residents in SOME’s housing.


For the clothing items (gloves, underwear) do you have size preferences?
Large sizes are wonderful but ‘one size fits all’ (gloves/hats) are even better!

Are you expecting more than one pair of underwear/socks in each box?
No, one pair would be wonderful. You can include extras separately, if you have any. 3-5 tampons/pads per adult female box and 1-2 razors per adult male box.

I assume the toiletries should be in travel size; is this correct?
If this is the easiest route for you to get everything in one box– yes! We want this to be easy and enjoyable for you but our needs are varied. Travel size items best suit the needs of the clients and guests we serve but we would welcome larger sizes as well since the housing programs we serve also use the items in the boxes and they prefer multi-use products.

Does each box have to have all 5 articles of clothing and all 7 toiletries (if you include deodorant & sanitary napkins)?
This is EXTREMELY helpful to us! In an effort to be fair and consistent, we’d like all of our guests and clients to feel cared for in the same way as others. If you cannot provide all requested items, please mark your box to indicate what is missing and/or donate supplies (not shoeboxes) to supplement other boxes that are not completely full.

If we run short of any item or have an overabundance of something how shall we handle this?
Please see the answer above. We would be happy to accept additional materials to help supplement boxes that don’t contain all items. This is a blessing. Thank you!

If items are in multi-packs, could we redistribute the items?
You are absolutely welcome to break down items in multi-packs, but please try to keep them as hygienic as possible (underwear rolled, toothbrush bristles covered, tampons/pads individually wrapped). A box usually includes 1-2 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of gloves, 1 toothbrush, 3-5 tampons/pads, etc.

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