You can save a life in extreme weather!

Extreme heat or cold can injure or kill. Homeless persons are particularly vulnerable.

In a medical emergency, dial 911.

Important: If you’re not sure whether the situation is a true emergency, officials recommend calling 911 and letting the call-taker determine whether you need emergency help.

When you call 911, be prepared to answer the call-taker’s questions, which may include:
The location of the emergency, including the street address
The phone number you are calling from
The nature of the emergency
Details about the emergency, such as a description of injuries or symptoms being experienced

To obtain non-emergency help in extreme weather, call the Shelter Hotline, (202) 399-7093 or 211.

The District of Columbia is committed to protecting the homeless from extreme weather injury by meeting the demand for shelter during hypothermia (not enough heat) and hyperthermia (too much heat) seasons. When the temperature falls below 32° Fahrenheit, all people who are homeless must be housed.

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