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Success Stories
Jordan House Alumnus

“I found 60 O Street – Behavioral Health Services. And within a matter of hours, I went from homeless to having a place to stay. You literally, literally, saved my life.”

Chabraja House Resident

“They don’t just put band aids on your problems ̶ they help you solve ‘em. And they don’t solve ‘em for you, but they give you the tools to learn how to solve ‘em for yourself. I have a future. And I have dreams that have come alive now since I’ve been clean.”

Barnaby House Resident

“Once I got to Barnaby House I just kind of flourished. I said I was going clean up my credit, and I said I was going to lose 25 pounds, and I said I was going to pay two months of rent up. And I did that in six months. Me and my son, we just feel very happy when we come to Barnaby house. Life is very good.”