Single Adult Housing Information Page

Our residents strive to create a stable community environment, breaking free from mistakes and bad habits of the past, to align with like-minded individuals on their new journey.

Our online intake is currently closed.  Please periodically check this page and/or call  202.797.8806 ext. 4492 for updates regarding the reopening of our intake line. Marketing begins a month prior to re-opening our intake line.

Single Adult Housing Vision Statement
We seek to help our residents find a way to live a better life. We encourage our residents to become physically and emotionally healthy, educationally equipped to participate in society and sustain housing, and have the ability to create and sustain loving, supportive relationships with others. We aspire to support, advocate, teach and empower!

Single Adult Housing Core Values

  • We believe that you can’t help people unless you know what they need; and you can’t know what they need unless they trust you enough to tell you.
  • We believe that life is a journey of growth, evolution and transformation; all of these help our residents find their own greatness.
  • We believe in creating an environment that gives everyone permission to be who they are.
  • We believe in helping to identify and then nurturing the forever evolving potential of our residents.
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